Lent with Bonhoeffer: Fellowship of Meditation


Saturday, March 17, 2018

There is free meditation and meditation that is bound to Scripture. We advise the latter for the sake of the certainty of our prayers and the discipline of our thoughts. Furthermore, the knowledge of our fellowship with others who are meditating on the same text will make us love such meditation more.

In the same way that the word of a person who is dear to us follows us throughout the day, so the Word of Scripture should resonate and work within us ceaselessly. Just as you would not dissect and analyze the word spoken by someone dear to you, but would accept it just as it was said, so you should accept the Word of Scripture and ponder it in your heart as Mary did. That is all. That is meditation. Do not look for new thoughts and interconnections in the text as you would in a sermon! Do not ask how you should tell it to others, but ask what it tells you! Then ponder this Word in your heart at length, until it is entirely within you and has taken possession of you.

-from Meditating on the Word, pgs. 24-25

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