Lent with Bonhoeffer: Help Against Ungodly Haste and Unrest


Friday, March 16, 2018

We meditate because we need help against ungodly haste and unrest. Only from the peace of God’s Word can there flow the proper, devoted service of each day. We want in any case to rise up from our meditation in a different state from when we sat down. We want to meet Christ in his Word. We turn to the text in our desire to hear what it is that he wants to give us and teach us today through his Word. Meet him first in the day, before you meet other people. Every morning lay upon him everything that preoccupies you and weighs you down, before new burdens are laid upon you. Ask yourself what still hinders you from following him completely and let him take charge of that, before new hindrances are placed in your way. His fellowship, his help, his guidance for the day through his Word–that is the goal. Thus you will begin the day freshly strengthened in your faith.

-from Meditating on the Word, pgs. 23-24

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