Serve Christ


In addition to times of prayer together, we encourage regular prayer for one another and our community. If you would like to request prayer or would like an updated copy of our prayer list, please contact us.

Brother Bryan and Jessie’s Place

Our church regularly collects items for the Brother Bryan Mission and Jessie’s Place. Please place items in the baskets by the water fountains in the Education Hall. Contact us or see the worship bulletin for the requested items each month.

The JOY Gallery

Sundays 1:00-3:00 p.m., Mondays-Thursdays 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., or by appointment

The Joy Gallery Glass

Since 2012, The JOY Gallery has been one of HCPC’s services to Homewood by celebrating local artists. Curators Tom Dameron and Maud Coirier-Belser are themselves respected local artists who work together in all areas of production. The gallery is free to the public and asks for only a 10% donation instead of a commission (most galleries charge 30%-50%). In addition to rotating shows, HCPC also proudly displays work donated by emerging and established artists in the Education Center. For more information, see The JOY Gallery’s website.

Summer Concert Series

Sundays at 6:30 p.m., once monthly during the summer

Organized by Tom Dameron, the Summer Concert Series is another service of HCPC to the Homewood community by offering free, public concerts featuring local musicians.

Vacation Bible School

Every June, HCPC offers a free, Saturday Vacation Bible School for children within our church and community. Lunch is provided. There is no registration needed.

Labor Day Barbecue and Garage Sale

As a tradition for over 50 years, HCPC hosts an annual barbecue on Labor Day. Both individual plates and whole pork shoulders are available. In conjunction with the barbecue, the church hosts a community garage sale offering a wide range of goods for less than thrift store prices.

Easter Egg Hunt

HCPC organizes a free community Easter Egg Hunt each year the Saturday before Easter. After, church members provide light refreshments.

Ministry Teams

If you are interested in serving on a ministry team, contact us.

Ministry teams are vital to HCPC’s witness as a church. They have called meetings as needed.

CARE TEAMThe CARE Team helps us to “Serve Christ” and “Grow in Christ.” This team ministers to and provides for members of our community in need. They write cards, oversee benevolence giving, make phone calls, plan visits, and organize food delivery for those who are sick or undergoing major life changes. They also communicate any pastoral concerns or requests to church leaders.

COMMUNICATIONS & WORSHIP:  The Communications & Worship Team helps us to “Worship in Christ” and “Serve Christ.” Communications & Worship takes care of all communications of activities of HCPC and makes sure our services of worship are faithfully prepared. This team ensures flowers are arranged, the sanctuary is decorated, and communion is prepared. This team also coordinates our Summer Concert Series and works with the pastor to plan special services. Creating the bulletin boards around the church also falls under this team.

DISCIPLING & MEMBERSHIP: The Discipling & Membership Team helps us to “Grow in Christ.” This team makes sure our Sunday school classes, Bible studies, and VBS have the faithful leaders they need to be successful. Other responsibilities include overseeing curriculum and creating new opportunities for small groups and classes at HCPC.

MISSIONS & FELLOWSHIP: The Missions & Fellowship Team helps us to “Grow in Christ” and “Serve Christ.” The Mission and Fellowship team coordinates all our fellowship and outreach activities including monthly fellowship meals, the Labor Day BBQ, and other special events. This team also coordinates outreach to our community and world through projects and collections for ministry.

PROPERTY: The Property Team helps us in every aspect of our mission: “Worship Christ. Grow in Christ. Serve Christ.” The Property team coordinates all the activities that impact caring for the church building and grounds. This team makes sure everything functions properly, including making sure the buildings are cleaned.