The Church Calendar: Ordinary Time (or better yet, The Growing Season)

We have entered into what is called by some “regular time” on the church calendar. But this time is anything but “regular” (at least it should be). Our liturgical color for the next several months will be green, which represents Christian growth in knowledge, faith, grace, and service. To me, the word regular connotes a sense of blandness—of routine. But it should be a time of life and for life. The important factor that nurtures growth in the Christian is gratitude. So, allow me to share what I am thankful for as we begin what I will now call, “The Growing Season”.

I have been blessed in life to meet faithful Christians who love Jesus enough to be obedient to his command to love others. These Christians form an important network for me as I go about serving Jesus as a disciple, husband, father, friend, and pastor. This community is vital to my life. As Bonhoeffer describes it, God blesses Christians with community. During this “Growing Season”, then, should be a time for renewal in our lives and growth in the faith. My hope is that each person at HCPC will allow God to work mightily in his or her respective lives. Allow God to encourage others through you. Work actively to restore broken relationships. Give up the things that divide your family and dedicate time and your presence with those that you love. Be a blessing to others by speaking words of life instead of selfish criticism. Inspire one another and keep from burdening others with guilt. Above all, seek to worship Christ genuinely with your whole heart, mind, and body.

It is by grace that we are able to experience the family of faith, so let’s not neglect one another. Let us submit to Christ as we enter this “growing season.”