A Year of Growth at HCPC


Not only will be begin Advent this Sunday, we will embark on an exciting journey as a church family this Sunday, as well. We made 2018 “A Year of Worship” at HCPC in order to understand our mission as a church more clearly. During this last year, we have worshipped together in special services, regular Sunday services, and by faithfully looking at how worship is a life-giving adventure. We have hopefully added opportunities for worship that will continue in the future.

This Sunday will mark the beginning of “A Year of Growth”. I need to explain what I mean by growth at Homewood CPC. Growth is a multi-dimensional undertaking if we are doing it faithfully. Faithful church growth encompasses numerical growth, spiritual growth, and maturity in the faith. In order to be obedient with the calling on our lives, we must not forsake the gifts of God. Therefore, Sherrad and I announce that there are some new things we will pursue together as a church as we seek to grow in Christ.

New Bible Reading Plan – We begin this endeavor together by using a new daily Bible reading plan for your daily reading of Scripture. Our former Bible reading plan was excellent and I have had many conversations with our members who have faithfully followed the plan and enjoyed God’s Word everyday. Each day will consist of five short passages a day and we encourage you to make special moments throughout the day to reflect and pray upon God’s Word.

New Children’s Sunday School Classes – We have reached that time when our little children aren’t so little anymore. With that comes a great need to provide more age appropriate classes for our children. It is our duty to raise up our precious children knowing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We ask that you pray for this effort as we will need a couple new teachers for our various classes.

Church Visioning Retreat – We will be announcing a church visioning retreat for members who are passionate about being faithful to God’s calling as a church. We have been placed here together for a reason, and we will take time in 2019 to join together (if you are interested, of course) and prayerfully seek God’s wisdom for growing as a church. More information will be released regarding our retreat.

Regular Devotional Series – We will be posting on homewoodcpc.com more devotional writing to aide our spiritual growth and prayer lives. We will begin our first series this Sunday with “Advent with Barth”. More information about our “Advent with Barth” series to come.

These are just a few of the things we are planning to help us make the “Year of Growth”. We invite you to come find your place at Homewood CPC. Bring a friend, coworker, or neighbor and let them experience God’s love at HCPC.



P.S. – Remember, we will have our fellowship breakfast this Sunday morning at 9:00 am. We will also have our Advent Vesper Service at 6:00 pm.





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