Lent with Bonhoeffer: Seeking Peace

Testament to freedom

Wednesday, March 7. 2018

A Christian life proves itself not in words, but character. No one is a Christian without character…. Only those who persevere are experienced and produce character. Those who do not persevere experience nothing that will build character. To whomever God wants to grant such experience–to an individual or to a church–to them God sends much temptation, restlessness, and anxiety; they must cry out daily and hourly for the peace of God. The experience that is talked of here leads us into the depths of hell, to the jaws of death, and into the night of unbelief. But through all of that, God does not want to take God’s peace from us. Throughout, we experience God’s power and victory, and the ultimate peace at Christ’s cross more with each passing day.

-from A Testament to Freedom, pg. 292

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